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New Orleans: Von Dullen Streetcars at the Cemeteries Terminal

Von Dullen streetcars 2011 and 2020, along with a bus on the West End line at the Cemeteries Terminal. 2011 is on the single-track stub at the end of the line. When 2011 is ready to depart, the operator will flip the traffic signal to stop autos turning onto Canal from City Park Avenue. 2011 will then switch onto the inbound track and 2020 will be able to pull into the stub track.

Riders coming in from Lakeview on the West End bus line must cross into the Canal Street neutral ground to continue downtown on the streetcar. Keep in mind that Canal street is three lanes wide here, and there is a lot of traffic coming in both directions. There are no "don't walk" signs to safeguard riders who are transferring.

The family walking towards 2020 at the right of this photo is one of the main reasons most of the objections to the various proposals for an new streetcar terminal in this area ring hollow. There is no way those kids should be walking that close to automobile drivers who are preparing to make the left turn onto City Park Avenue to reach points west.

The red Von Dullen streetcars shown in this photo are currently undergoing repairs to replace parts damaged by flooding in the storm. They'll still be a year or two coming back to Canal Street. In the meantime, the 900-series streetcars continue to get riders from downtown to the Cemeteries.

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