MysticKnyght (mysticknyght) wrote in streetcar_fans,

New Orleans: First revenue run on the St. Charles line

Perley A. Thomas streetcar 921 arrives at St. Charles and Napoleon Avenues, completing the outbound leg of the first revenue run of the St. Charles line since the storm. 921 left Canal Station around 0515CST on Sunday morning, 11-November-2007.

The St. Charles line has been in service since 1831. The storm caused the line's longest service outage, having blown down a significant portion of the overhead wiring and damaging the track. On Saturday, 10-Nov-2007, NORTA ran a three streetcar "parade" to welcome back the line, and revenue service began today.

It's impossible to describe just how important having the 900s back running on St. Charles is to the morale of the city of New Orleans. About the only thing that would create this level of excitement would be a Super Bowl win by Da Saints.

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