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New Orleans: The Return of the St. Charles Streetcar Line

The St. Charles Streetcar line began operations in 1831 and had not been out of service for more than a few days at a time since the storm two years ago. The storm blew down a significant portion of the overhead wiring for the line. A project to upgrade the electrical system for the streetcars that was planned before the storm has been completed up to Napoleon Avenue. Yesterday, service on the line returned up to the Garden District.

The Warren Easton Senior High School Marching Band led off a 3-streetcar opening run of the St. Charles line on Saturday afternoon. Their post-storm uniforms look fantastic!

900 led off the three streetcars.

Perley A. Thomas streetcar 915

The ad sign on the streetcars. You gotta love these graphics guys, they go to or something, but they never find arched roof cars in all that stock artwork.

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